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Is there a coronavirus vaccine?

Are there any coronavirus vaccines available? 

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Coronavirus vaccines on the market 


To date, there is no specific coronavirus vaccine available to prevent or treat the novel coronavirus. There are however ways to protect yourself which we cover HERE. Russia has released a vaccine in September 2020, however this vaccine has not been approved by the WHO. 

Many organizations are using published genomes to develop possible vaccines against 2019-nCoV.

In China, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention is developing a vaccine. The University of Hong Kong has announced that a vaccine is under development, but they have yet to proceed to animal testing. Shanghai East Hospital is also developing a vaccine in partnership with the biotechnology company Stemirna Therapeutics.

Elsewhere, three vaccine projects are being supported by the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), including projects by the biotechnology companies Moderna and Inovio Pharmaceuticals and another by the University of Queensland. The United States National Institutes of Health (NIH) is cooperating with Moderna to create an RNA vaccine matching a spike of the coronavirus surface, and intends to start human trials by May 2020. 

Inovio Pharmaceuticals is developing a DNA-based vaccination and collaborating with a Chinese firm in order to speed its acceptance by regulatory authorities in China, hoping to perform human trials of the vaccine in the summer of 2020. In Australia, the University of Queensland is investigating the potential of a molecular clamp vaccine that would genetically modify viral proteins in order to stimulate an immune reaction.

In an independent project, the Public Health Agency of Canada has authorised the International Vaccine Centre (VIDO-InterVac) at the University of Saskatchewan to begin work on a vaccine. VIDO-InterVac aims to start animal testing in March 2020 and human testing in 2021.

What else can I do to protect myself from the coronavirus?

We’ve prepared a detailed guide on all basics on how to protect yourself from the coronavirus here:

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